3-mile Tempo and 3km Interval Track Workout

This is a great track workout for those looking to work on improving their half/full marathon race paces. It focuses on both endurance and speed but puts the endurance first and then follows with the speed portion to simulate the finishing of a race on tired legs.

Warmup: 15-20 minutes warmup stretches + strides

Tempo: 3-mile tempo run at 1/2 marathon to marathon pace with 1 mile easy recovery jog

Intervals: 3 x 1K at 5K pace w/400m recovery jog between each of the repetitions

Cool Down: 15-20 minues easy jogging

Total Time: 60-20:00 easy jogging

Pro-tips: When possible, do the tempo run OFF the track and the 1K reps on the track. The reasoning here is to mimic race conditions for the tempo portion while focusing on speed during the intervals which is best performed on the track. If you can’t use the track, don’t sweat it and just do the workout where you can.

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