1&1 domain redirecting to defaultsite? (SOLVED)

So, you have gone through all this work to find a domain, transfer it or something rather to 1&1 (or another service). You have everything pointing to the right place in the interface and then when you go to the domain in your browser it is pointing to the 1&1 /defaultsite. What is the deal!

Well after pulling my hair our and doing some digging, I came across this thread on 1and1 redirecting to defaultsite: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/apps/v9YNjxKRuKc. While this thread gets at the issue, it doesn’t explain how to resolve it super explicitly, so here is the basic solution: if you are using Chrome browser, reset your proxy settings for you wifi. If you try to access via Safari, your site should work normally without resetting anything.

So if you don’t know how to reset your proxy settings on Chrome, here is how to do it. First go to the “three dot” dropdown and select “Settings”.

Chrome settings dropdown

Next, a tab will open to the settings page. Go to Network and click “Change Default Settings” button. You may have to click the “Show Advanced Settings” button to get to this.

Chrome settings panel

Once you have clicked “Change Default Settings”, if you are on a Mac, you will see the below popup from your computer settings. Select the proxy you would like to use. I choose “Auto Proxy Discovery” but you may want to pick something else with additional research.

Mac proxy settings

Should be off to the races after that!


Also checkout this 1&1 article about how to access .htaccess file within 1&1.


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