Who is Colin?

Colin Gardiner is the current VP of Operations at Tripping.com which is making it easier for consumers to find the perfect vacation rental. Think the Kayak of VRBO, HomeAway and Airbnb. Previously, worked in Product at Ancestry.com and Justanswer.com/Pearl.com, and Economic Research at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Colin Gardiner Winning at Life
Before the 9 to 5
Born March 19th, 1987 in Seattle my family lived in Ketchikan, AK until we moved to Seattle, WA when my parents company moved its HQ there. While going to middle school and high school in Seattle, I became an avid fly fisherman. That love of catching fishing drove me to become a fishing guide in both Montana and Alaska during my collegiate years when I attended Willamette University. After battling the urge to just quit school and be a fly fishing guide, I graduated with a degree in Economics and minors in Math and Political Science.

Printing Money
During my senior year of college, I was most fortunate to be hired to work at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. As a Research Associate at the Fed, I worked in the microeconomics research division with a really great team researching wage dynamics, unemployment, and disability insurance to name a few things. Here are a few of the published pieces I was lucky enough to be a part of:

The Breadth of Disinflation

Recent College Graduates and the Labor Market

Life-Cycle Shocks and Income

Surfing the Web
After my stint at the Fed and a near brush with going to grad school, I decided to try out the world of technology. With my background in economics and statistics, I was hired to work at JustAnswer.com/Pearl.com where I worked on the paid search team cutting my teeth on SEM, LTV bidding and Conversion Optimization. Following that, I was fortunate enough to find myself at Ancestry.com working on the product team focusing on user acquisition and conversion optimization. A few years later, I made the jump to Tripping.com as the third employee to help build out the product. Two funding rounds later, Tripping.com is seeing incredible growth and it is certainly a fun ride!

Outside the Office
When not in the office, my main hobby is spending quality time with my wife, son and dog running or skiing. As a family, we are avid runners with a penchant for long distances. My race distance of choice is the 100 miler of which I have done three (hopefully more).

The Site and the Future
This site is here to chronicle my endeavors and thoughts. I hope you enjoy and I can provide some content and/or wisdom that is worthwhile. Feel free to contact me at gardinercolin@gmail.com.